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Rocket Team at the Blue Ridge National in Lexington, VA. (January 2008)
Continuing the Rocket Legacy!
Missing from Picture: Jon Fox, Paul Gordon, CJ Ehle, Billy Ehle, Logan Weems

Team Rocket is a NBL BMX Racing Team that was established October 2003 and has been racing at NBL Events since October 2004.  As a team we are continually fine tuning many of our team ideals, philosophies and goals but we primarily focus on Having Fun and Supporting each other

  Rocket National Roster (by age)

See for current NBL ROCKET TEAM ROSTER. Below are listings of LIFETIME MEMBERSHP Rocket Team Members.

  Joey "Fireball" Casolaro - Rookie B. 2001 *Lifetime

  Haley "Rocket Girl" Avila - Girls/Cruiser B. 1997 *Lifetime

  Cameron "Cobra" Higgins - Novice B. 1996 *Lifetime

  Kody "The Kannon" Cox - Novice B. 1996 *Lifetime

  Logan "Cheetah" Weems - Expert/Cruiser B. 1996 *Lifetime

  Tyler Beal - Challenger B. 1995 *Lifetime

  Dillon "Rocket Boy" Avila - Expert/Cruiser B. 1995 *Lifetime

  Marshall "Diesel" Higgins - Novice B. 1993 *Lifetime

  Jonathan "Iceman" Fox - Expert/Cruiser B. 1991 *Lifetime

  Louie "BMX Bad Boy" Brennan - Novice B. 1977 *Lifetime

  Rodd "Rad Rodd" Kugler - Novice/Cruiser B. 1970 *Lifetime

  Bob "Sugar Vay" Vay - Novice/Cruiser B. 1966 *Lifetime

  "Bruce" Cox - Cruiser B. 1963 *Lifetime

  Art "Poo Bah" Luck - Cruiser B. 1947 *Lifetime

   New entries: names are forthcoming when committments are signed. If you qualify having three season of racing for the team then let us know and you will become the latest addition to the Rocket LIFETIME Alumni.

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